Join the Live Crowdfunding Phenomenon – Free – Forever *

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The Global Soup Foundation is a FREE* resource for organisers of Soup to access.  Soup is live crowd funding in local communities around the world – originally started in 2007 by a group of artists based in Chicago.  They deliberately made it open sourced and invited people to copy the model.

Since then the movement has grown, with some trying to capitalise on the idea.  We have formed this network to keep soup free and accessible to all*!

It is our commitment to help keep this remarkable grass roots movement going, ensuring free and easy access for all – FOREVER*.

Simply email and we’ll send you all you need to know before signing up to our official network dedicated to keeping the movement growing.

*In order to access our resources, you need to sign up to our pledge and our charter, and obtain your approval by the GSF.  Once this has been confirmed, you have access to all ours systems, procedures, graphics and know how, and you will become an ‘Official’ part of a network that’s keeping it grass roots.

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